We’re WANNAPLAYground.  We wanna play.  We wanna break convention.  We wanna make music.

Some say adults don’t play.  We say they’re wrong.  Adults can play.  Adults should play.  Adults do play.  Why?  Adults wanna play.  They need playgrounds.

We wanna stop living in the future.  And the past.  We wanna play in the HERE AND NOW.  No expectations.  Just freedom and music.

We wanna turn concerts upside down.  Composers should break out.  Their music is meant to be accessible.  Living composers need a lively way to perform.

Music as a 4D-experience.  It wants to play with you.  You should be free to break the walls of your comfort zone.  Move outside with music.  Music will move you on the inside.

Let go of rules.  Ignore expectations.  Be here and now.

Live.  Come together.  Meet and connect.  You wanna play!